A “social enterprise” is an organization or venture that advances its primary social or environmental mission using business methods.  Eesmyal has cofounded and continues to direct six successful social enterprises:

Recollective Consulting Inc
Cofounder, Principal

Established in 2006, Recollective Consulting Inc is a leading multi-disciplinary green building consulting firm focused on integrated design facilitation, LEED, Living Building Challenge and advanced building simulations. We have successfully completed over 50 LEED certifications, over 150 energy models, and are currently consulting on over 100 active green building projects, amounting to over 25 million square feet of development. Projects range from hospitals, to laboratories, to offices, to mixed-use residential towers.  Services include research, workshop facilitation, energy audits, building simulations (energy, thermal, CFD, daylight, etc), LEED and Living Building Challenge consulting.


HiVE Vancouver Society
Cofounder, Director

Founded in 2009, the HiVE began as a shared vision initiated by myself and SSG Director Jeremy Murphy. Through substantial volunteer efforts from a team of dedicated individuals, along with a grant from Vancity and Angel investments from Recollective, the HiVE vision was transformed into a reality – a 9,000 square foot collaborative workspace for change-makers located at 128 West Hastings Street, Vancouver. Managed by HiVE Vancouver Society, the HiVE provides a shared work space with a dynamic cafe-like studio culture that facilitates creativity, collaboration, and social innovation.


GBAT Technologies Inc
Cofounder, Principal

Founded in 2009, GBAT Technologies Inc (aka Green Building Audio Tours) is a locative media company focused on recording and publishing, via web, podcast and mobile, the audio stories of the greenest buildings. Revenue from this business supports the ongoing development of the Open Green Building Society’s Green Building Brain project.


Vancouver Design Nerds Society
Cofounder, Director

Founded in 2004 and originally running out of Eesmyal’s living room, Vancouver Design Nerds is an award-winning network of collaborating designers and artists who share a desire to engage design opportunities with a spirit of creative play and to challenge the normative environment of the city.  VDNS has completed dozens of member-driven projects, and has been commissioned to create dozens of public art and design installations, as well as hosted numerous events including the City of Vancouver’s Greenest City initiative.  VDNS has also cofounded the Toronto Design Nerds, Stockholm Design Nerds, Portland Design Nerds, Nanaimo Design Nerds, New York City Design Nerds, Montreal Design Nerds, and Seattle Design Nerds.


Energy Modelling Institute
Cofounder, Director

Founded in 2013, the Energy Modelling Institute (EMI) is an educator and advocate for building energy modelling literacy. EMI creates energy modelling curriculum that is vetted by an expert advisory committee of key industry stakeholders including many of the most experienced and well recognized energy modelling experts in Canada.


Open Green Building Society
Cofounder, Director

Founded in 2008 due to frustration with the lack of sharing in the green building community, Open Green Building Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating green building tools and resources. Its main projects are the Green Building Brain (a free database of user-generated green building resources) and the Green Building App which is a free download for iPhone/iPad and Android