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An email conversation among a group of friends about International Art English turned into a silly and immature animated video, for the fun of it. Also, my first experiment with Plotagon.


I’m stoked to be speaking at the Portland Film Festival on August 30, 2014 for the STORYWORLDS – Transmedia & Interactive Storytelling panel!  I’ll be speaking about Alternate Reality Games (ARGs), and specifically the eXistenZ ARG I made with Alex Grunenfelder.  Here’s the presentation I gave: Portland Film Festival 2014: eXistenZ Alternate Reality Game from Eesmyal […]


More info coming soon. Stay magical.


I’m exciting to be a speaker at the upcoming FUEL conference May 29 and 30, 2014! FUEL is a forum for leaders, entrepreneurs, designers and engaged citizens committed to co-creating a better world. This inaugural event will explore the future of how we live, work and lead across four sectors relevant to our city; Food, […]