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I’ve given a number of presentations, but this was the first time moderating a panel.  It went well, and it was a great event, organized by Vancouver Economic Commission.  The topic was Social Innovation in City Building, and it was one of two Vancouver events for the global Disruptive Innovation Festival.  It took place near […]


I just spent some time in Japan in November 2012 and struggled for the first day trying to find out how to either use my existing Canadian Android Nexus S cell phone or rent a temporary one.  I thought I could simply buy a temporary SIM card like I can in the USA, but the […]


My friend Trent McConaghy attempts to explain the mathematics of the high-five: It all started with my friend Harondel Sibble who asked: “At a client [meeting] today, one of the staff members wanted to do a “high-5″ and I missed, she said, stare at her elbow and she’d do the same to me and that with […]


This post is about how to run Google Voice on your Android Nexus S phone for people who live in Canada. It involves spoofing your IP address to create a Google Voice account and using a web-based telephony application called Twilio to get a US number. Below is a process flow diagram showing the connections and […]


Eesmyal gave a rousing presentation on June 23, 2010 to over 2,000 people at Pecha Kucha Vancouver‘s special edition event called ‘Walk the Talk, Green Your City’.   He spoke about his various green building and collaborative projects, such as Recollective, the Green Building Brain, the Vancouver Design Nerds, and the collaborative workspace project called The HiVE. Check out his […]