This post is about how to run Google Voice on your Android Nexus S phone for people who live in Canada. It involves spoofing your IP address to create a Google Voice account and using a web-based telephony application called Twilio to get a US number. Below is a process flow diagram showing the connections and […]Continue Reading


The following is a republished article from BC Business that features the HiVE: Short-term desk rentals in Vancouver bring mobile workers in from the coffee shop. Decked out in plaid shorts, sneakers and a black zipped-up microfleece, Florian Guhr looks more like a backpacker than an entrepreneur. But this young, thin, blond and bespectacled German […]Continue Reading


Eesmyal gave a rousing presentation on June 23, 2010 to over 2,000 people at Pecha Kucha Vancouver‘s special edition event called ‘Walk the Talk, Green Your City’.   He spoke about his various green building and collaborative projects, such as Recollective, the Green Building Brain, the Vancouver Design Nerds, and the collaborative workspace project called The HiVE. Check out his […]Continue Reading


This idea is a variation on the New York artist Kacie Kinzer’s Tweenbots project, which was a series of super cute robots that crowd-sourced their navigation throughout the city using human empathy. I’d like to do the same thing in Canadian cities to see if there’s a difference in behaviour, but I’d also like to modify […]Continue Reading